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UW I D - The new generation

The newly revised interior of our model UW I D offers a substantial cycle time reduction. The grinding wheel changer’s completely new design allows up to a 70 % reduction in changeover time. The complete grinding wheel changeover happens in a mere 12 seconds (versus 40 seconds from our earlier concept).

The new UW I D grinding spindle now moves directly to the load (and unload) position, simultaneously grasping the required package of grinding wheels and their respective pre-aimed coolant nozzles.

Extremely compact and flexible, our new UW I D presents itself as a clear and straightforward layout along with a convex rounded front enclosure. The outer appearance remains the same; only its interior automation has been changed.

Additionally, the new space-saving grinding center has improved in the area of the chain loading system. An essential advantage of this “Chaotic” loading system is its ability to automatically load (and unload) individual collets and different diameter tools automatically. The chain loading system also offers a higher capacity of 320 tools in a setup.

The new UW I D combines proven stability with innovative technology.


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